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Public Address & General Alarm (PAGA)

001-nor-paga-system-ab Nor Electronics supplies complete turn-key PAGA systems, including design, assembly according to project specifications, installation and commissioning. The supply may include central equipment and field equipment such as loudspeakers, flashing lights, sirens, junction boxes and acoustic hoods. On-site tests, including intelligibility and alarm coverage tests, will be performed by experienced personnel with latest technology of instrumentation.


img-1071-thumbNor Electronics delivers Radio equipment according to Mandatory regulations as well as additional equipment to achieve an efficient and reliable operational radio communication to ships, helicopters and other platforms. We have engineers with GOC certificate and we hold Radio Equipment Supply Certification from Norwegian PTT. Nor Electronics supplies custom tailored radio consoles to fit any room layout for any equipment manufacturer. Nor Electronics delivers Radio equipment according to Mandatory regulations as well as additional equipment to achieve an efficient and reliable operational radio communication to ships, helicopters and other platforms. We have engineers with GOC certificate. Nor Electronics can deliver special made radio consoles to fit any room layout.

img-0996-thumbNor Electronics supplies turn-key UHF systems. The systems may be analogue systems, trunked systems according to most standards and according to Tetra standard. Nor Electronics may be involved in any phase of a project; feasibility studies, design, manufacturing and testing, installation, setting to work, trouble shooting and any type of modification. The complete supply includes extensive documentation package according to Client’s requirements.

img-0510-thumbThe Nor Electronics Radio Switch System can control a variety of communication equipment such as Maritime VHF, Aeronautical VHF, analogue or digital (Tetra) UHF, Telephone System, Intercom System, PAGA System, Recorder System, Satcom Systems (Inmarsat, VSAT, etc). The Radio Switch System is aimed for plants/vessels/oil platforms with either large communication needs or at operator desks/consoles with limited space yet requirement for many different communication systems. The operator Graphical User Interface is provided by a fully configurable touch screen Multi Operator Panel. Efficiency of radio equipment is provided by several operators are sharing the defined sources, such as radio equipment, thus limiting quantity of antennas and limiting radio interference.


Nor Electronics supplies entertainment systems to the oil and gas industry. A typical system from Nor Electronics contains: Above Deck Equipment (ADE) with a Ku TVRO antenna. The Below Deck Equipment (BDE) comprises one central rack housing antenna controller, switches, splitters, amplifiers, format converters, modulators, DVD/VCR player and shelf’s for customer supplied satellite tuners. Interface from Gyro (NMEA heading for DAC) and PAGA (mute signal). Field distribution to accommodation. The entertainment system will track operator selected satellite constellations and tune/decode TV packages subscribed to by customer. Signals will be converted to onboard PAL distribution and modulated to onboard TV network. Internal signal sources from DVD/VCR. Monitor to preview tuned TV channels included in the rack.

img-0836-thumbNor Electronics supplies Alcatel Omni PCX PABX systems to the oil and gas industry. The System comes in a standard cabinet with MDF for Field Telephone cables and with Patch Panels for Structured Cabling System. The telephone system delivered from Nor Electronics carries DNV Certificate for IMO compliance. The system can be delivered with analogue, digital and IP telephones. The PABX System will be used for voice and telefax communication within the vessel and between the vessel and shore. The PABX will be equipped with interfaces for communication to shore as necessary to maintain the integrity of the connections. The interface can be E1/T1, TCP/IP or other.