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Public Address & General Alarm (PAGA)

001-nor-paga-system-ab-thumbNor Electronics supplies complete turn-key PAGA systems, including design, assembly according to project specifications, installation and commissioning. The supply may include central equipment and field equipment such as loudspeakers, flashing lights, sirens, junction boxes and acoustic hoods. On-site tests, including intelligibility and alarm coverage tests, will be performed by experienced personnel with latest technology of instrumentation. 

Nor Electronics AS is one of the leading companies that are manufacturing custom made public address and general alarm systems to the oil and gas industry. The fully digital NOR PAGA system has been designed to support various Emergency Voice Evacuation System Standards, such as EN54, IEC60849 and BS7443.

The NOR PAGA systems can be delivered as a single or redundant system. The redundant system is a duplicated system each containing one control system and amplifiers Outputs to field equipment that is divided into separate A and B cable routing. Even the call stations have duplicated electronics in a redundant system.

The NOR PAGA system will comply with applicable parts of Norsok standard. The NOR PAGA System carries class society certification from Germanisher Lloyd (cert. no. 47 961 03 – HH) for SOLAS applications. The NOR PAGA system is also carrying additional tests related to IEC60945 by DNV for approval of DNV Class . In addition to above, the Praesideo system is holding TÜV certificate Z2061148107005.

Since the system is fully digital, the carrier between any components in the system is by fibre optic cable or UTP Cat 5E / Cat 6 cable. Each component has two connectors for fibre co003-detail-inside-of-cabinet-thumbnnection, such that a true redundant ring may be designed and installed. Any component may be installed anywhere in the redundant fibre ring, hence additional NOR PAGA components may be added with the cost of the component only.

All features are programmed via a web-enabled interface, ensuring that any computer with a standard browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) may log on and perform configuration or diagnostics. The connection for programming is TCP/IP, and if required the port may be addressed to any IP-address, hence the port may be a part of Office Data Network. Log-on is protected by user-changeable password.

Since all functionalities are programmed via the software, no rewiring or hardware change is 005-bosch-praesideo-component-thumbnecessary for changes, such as (but not limited to):

  • Zones
  • Priority
  • Audio inputs/outputs
  • Control input/outputs
  • Call Station pushbuttons
  • Alarm sounds

006-detail-callstation-thumbEven graphical equalizer in any or all audio input or output may be programmed to suit the environment.


Nor Electronics AS will supply PAGA systems in Rittal TS8 cabinet with grey colour RAL 7035. The standard size of cabinets is 800x800x2100 mm (WxDxH) inclusive 100 mm plinth. To save floor space, the system cabinet is including a swing frame and a MDF. Where required, the MDF will be supplied as a dedicated cabinet adjacent to the system cabinet. Other type of cabinets may be supplied if specifications so dictates.

Nor Electronics has experience in both assemble and supply PAGA Systems and in managing complex projects. Please refer to Reference List on the last page. Nor Electronics ensures that highly skilled field engineers will be available for on/offshore sites during installation and commissioning as well as modifications, maintenance and repair after commissioning.


  • Fully digital Public Address and General Alarm System
  • Unique network approach
  • Advanced open interface
  • Optical system bus to connect system elements over long distances
  • Digital audio routing
    • CD Audio quality
    • No analog interference problems
  • High level of integration007-19-inches-callstation-thumb
    • Message Manager
    • Digital Signal Processin
      • Equalizing
      • Delay
      • Automatic Volume Control
  • Highest reliability and safety
  • Permanent system for self-monitoring immediate failure
  • Detection both in central system and field equipment
  • Two independent duplicated systems or single system
  • Easily configurable system



Network Controller

The network controller, is the heart of the NOR PAGA system. The network controller can control up to 60 nodes and 28 audio channels. The network controller also provides power to system components

and keeps the configuration for all elements in the system. The network controller provides interface to other systems via potential free contacts or audio in/outputs.


Power Amplifier

State of the art Class-D power amplifier delivered in three versions:

1 x 500W

2 x 250W

4 x 125W


Audio Expander

The Audio Expander is used to give the system additional audio in and outputs. In addition the unit
provides the system with 8 extra control inputs and 5 extra control outputs.


Multi Channel Interface

The Multi Channel Interface is used to give the system additional control outputs. In addition the unit
provides the system with 32 extra control inputs.


Loudspeaker surveillance unit

The loudspeaker surveillance unit provides constant surveillance for up to 8 loudspeaker lines. The
unit is monitoring for short circuits, open circuits and ground leaks. The unit provides an LCD panel
that display a simple user friendly interface.



-Single standard safe area call stations008-19-inches-callstation-ex-thumb
-Dual safe area call stations with A+B electronics. Desk Top

-Dual safe area call station with A+B electronics for 19” installation
-EX certified call stations for both single and dual applications
-Custom made call stations according to the costumers requirements
-PC Call station. Costum made call station




Interface against PABX with 4 wire E&M, analogue line or IP.


Inteface against Fire & Gas systems via relay contacts, DC signals or open interface.



013-typical-nor-work-thumbThe interface to UHF/TETRA is available via relay contact and an audio line.



The interface to entertainment systems is available via relay contact. The function is to mute the entertainment system during an alarm.


Interface against other systems via audio over IP. The unit can distribute both audio and control signals in both directions.



System failure alarms via potential free relay contacts and via web interface.


The systems are delivered with main distribution frame for connection of flashing beacons and loudspeakers. The system can be delivered with 230VAC or 48VDC outputs for flashing beacons. Loudspeaker outputs and flashing beacon outputs have earth fault and overload surveillance.