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Sound Coverage Assessment - STIPA

stipa-thumbStipa Sound Coverage Assessment. We offer STIPA audio coverage measurement. We do this as a part of the setup of PAGA systems. Both as initial services of a project and for quality check on site after installation is done. In addition we offer general sound measurement for companies or projects that need documentation on sound/voice levels.

Speech Intelligibility. Public address systems in building complexes have to inform persons about escape directions in case of emergency. Such public buildings include airports, railway stations, shopping centers or concert halls. However if such announcements are misunderstood due to poor system quality, tragic consequences may result. Therefore, it is essential to design, install and verify sound reinforcement systems properly for intelligibility. In addition, a variety of other applications such as legal and medical applications may require intelligibility verification.

STI, RASTI or STI-PA are the most established methods for measuring speech intelligibility. All of them basically apply the same principle, whereby RASTI and STI-PA are a simplified version of STI. Each measurement lasts for about 13 seconds and the STI-value is displayed on the screen together with octave-band levels and the modulation indices. This allows the result to be corrected for additional background noise either by the instrument or later by post-processing the measured data.